Come Relax Renew & Restore  at Life Balance Acupuncture & Wellness.

We are offering Yoga & Acupuncture Group Sessions weekly.

The group session is specifically designed as a means to educate and empower you toward achieving health and balance.

We offer a 6 -week series that builds upon itself from one week to the next: You can sign up for the series or come on the weeks you desire.

1. Week one we do a general overall balancing class.  The 45- minute yoga session begins with the lowest energy center and works its way up to the highest energy center (chakras).  The progression of postures and techniques is designed to follow the flow of energy.  This progression is defined as from gross to subtle.  In yoga we define the asana postures as “gross” & we define meditation and pranayama as “subtle” techniques.  Ultimately we are utilizing yoga as a means to connect with the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Week’s two through six will always have a balanced flow with a specific emphasis of the week. 

2. Week two has an emphasis on the hips.  We incorporate postures to open the root & hip energy centers.  The root chakra is related to grounding, survival, and purging bodily and energetic waste.  The hip/genital chakra is related to adaptability and receptivity.   For many of us the hips can be where we store emotional baggage and are often tight due to the amount of sitting we do.

“When we relax our resistance to life our hips let go” Rod Stryker

3. Week three’s focus is on the low back.  We build upon week two because the back and hips interconnected and related to the same energy centers.  According to Dr. Timothy McCall, “current estimates rate back problems as the second most common reason for visiting MD’s, and the leading cause of disability of people under forty-five”.  This topic is of great interest to me because yoga and acupuncture healed my back pain.  We will learn to investigate the source of our back pain and work with asana’s (postures) aimed at reducing the pain.

4. Week four we work on our core.  The naval center is the seat of transformation.  In Chinese Medicine we view this area as our energy storehouse.  This energy center (chakra) relates to self- esteem, transformation, digestion, and metabolism.

5. Week five we work on the chest and upper back.  This chakra is the balance point for integrating the world of matter with the world of spirit.

6. Week six we incorporate stretches to relieve the neck and shoulders.  This class is also closely related to week five and therefore builds upon it.  This is one of my favorite classes because many people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and have a lot of neck tension due to the amount of time we spend hunched over our desk and at our computers.