Needle Phobic? Give Acutonics ® a try

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Occasionally we come across a person that would love to try acupuncture but is hesitant to set an appointment because they are leery of needles.  The great news is that acupuncture is only one component of Chinese Medicine and there are other tools that we can use to work with

Chinese Herbs: what are they for?

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Chinese Herbal Formulas are customized to facilitate healing and harmony within the patient.  Your practitioner will do a thorough intake of your medical history that includes a tongue and pulse diagnosis.  From there, she determines the patterns of disharmony and prescribes an herbal formula to address these patterns.  As the

Healthy Happy Hour! Host an anti-aging acupuncture party with Life Balance

Hosting an anti-aging acupuncture party (aka Healthy Happy Hour)  is a fun way for you and your friends to hear about cosmetic acupuncture (and acupuncture in general) as well as learn about skin care and helpful lifestyle tips for aging beautifully. There are a handful of ways we can customize

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