What is your plan to fulfill your wildest dreams?

Life is Precious What is your plan to fulfill your wildest dreams? I imagine you are asking yourself, “What does acupuncture or yoga have to do with me fulfilling my dreams?”  Well, it has everything to do with fulfillment of my dreams! Over the past decade I have observed first hand the

Spring Forth Into Wellness

If you are like most of us, you’re are still trying to recover from the busy Holiday Season and have already dropped your New Years Resolutions.  Life Balance wants to lend you a supportive nudge toward living your healthiest expression of life.  We have created a Spring Wellness Program designed

Chinese Herbs: what are they for?

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Chinese Herbal Formulas are customized to facilitate healing and harmony within the patient.  Your practitioner will do a thorough intake of your medical history that includes a tongue and pulse diagnosis.  From there, she determines the patterns of disharmony and prescribes an herbal formula to address these patterns.  As the

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