Morning Meditation balances you out nicely and helps you tackle the day with a sense of ease!

I am sure by now you have come across a study, article, or been advised by your MD to take up Meditation to improve your health and reduce stress.  There are numerous ways to meditate and the key to success is to find a style that resonates with you.  Meditation was very hard for me to be open to in the beginning.  I started out with a goal of 10 minutes per day.  About 5-7 minutes in I was fidgeting all around, looking at my watch, and my mind was going crazy.  I couldn't wait for my buzzer to ring so I could move on with my day and tackle my to do list.  I started meditation when I was in my yoga teacher training class because we were required to and I am a compliant student.  I completed my assignment daily and began to notice the benefits.  The days that my meditation practice didn't occur I noticed that my mood was not as pleasurable.  I also noticed that I was actually more creative and productive on days when I took the time to meditate.  I think a big key in building a successful meditation practice is that you must be compassionate with yourself and learn not to place judgement on whether or not today's meditation was "successful".  I can teach you my meditation techniques and I can also direct you to some excellent meditation teachers and cd's to use.

Client: Milkman Inc

Created:February 16, 2013

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