If you are like most of us, you’re are still trying to recover from the busy Holiday Season and have already dropped your New Years Resolutions.  Life Balance wants to lend you a supportive nudge toward living your healthiest expression of life.  We have created a Spring Wellness Program designed to facilitate an environment that will support you through your goals.In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the Season of New Birth, Growth, and Expansion.  We are exiting Winter, the most Yin time of year, and bursting forth with Yang Energy into Spring.  Our Spring Wellness program will assist the body in releasing excess toxins, weight, & other imbalances with the opportunity for daily yoga, weekly yoga + acupuncture sessions, and a custom herbal support formula matched to your needs.
“Spring is associated with the Wood element, which governs the liver and gall bladder.  Allergy problems are abundant during spring.  If the liver is not healthy, it could affect the spleen and the lungs.  Symptoms of this disharmony between organs include: chest congestion, sneezing, running nose, itching eyes and other symptoms that are associated with allergy problems.  It is very important, especially during spring, to cleanse the liver and lungs and to bring a balance among them and other body organs.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help to accomplish this balance.” -from Pacific College
This program is limited to 10 participants because it is customized to each individual that signs up.

Spring Wellness Program Includes:

  • We will provide one acupuncture treatment at the beginning of March and assess your goals for the Spring Season Wellness Program.  There will be a full intake session for new patients ($120 value) that lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes an acupuncture treatment.  Current patients will receive a follow up treatment ($80 value) where we reassess goals for the Spring Season Wellness Program.
  • Weekly Wednesday Night Yoga + Acupuncture for the Month of March($160 value) from 7:00-8:30 pm.  During these sessions you will receive a custom treatment based off of the intake from your 1:1 acupuncture treatment session at the beginning of the program.
  • Unlimited Yoga for the Month of March (~$280 value):
    • 12 class possibilities per week $15/drop in rate
  • custom herbal formula to support and balance ~$30 value
  • The entire program ala carte is $590 for new patients and $550 for current patients.  We are offering this Spring Forth into Wellness Package for $418 for new patients and $378 for current patients.
  • If you sign up by Thursday February 26th you will receive 10% off The Spring Forth into Wellness Package.  
  • Don’t forget that space is limited to the first 10 participants.  
  • Call 904-607-6661 or email today to reserve your spot and confirm your first acupuncture session for the Month of March
“Everything observable by the senses is subject to change and therefore in motion…there are interlocking cycles of change…one cannot bid the winds & waves to cease, but one can learn to navigate treacherous currents by conducting ourselves in harmony with the prevailing processes of transformation- and thus weather the storms of life.”  – John Blofeld  I Ching