"I am in my early 40's and have been noticing some major changes in my face.  Changes meaning wrinkles, loose skin, blotchy skin, puffy eyes and I could go on.  I had been very curious about what I could do to stop or slow this aging process.  I would ask my friends about what treatments they had received and all the details that go into it (i.e injectables, lasers, chemical peels, etc).  When I would hear their responses and would see some of the outcomes I knew that these treatments were not for me.  I do not like pain and I work outside the home so I could not have my face peeling (shedding) for a week or so.  What is most important to me is that I want to remain looking like my Natural Self and to age gracefully.  I thankfully heard about Cosmetic Acupuncture and decided to give it a try.  The second week I started to see a change in my complexion, my coloring was better and my skin was starting to glow.  After week 3, I saw a tremendous difference in my cheek area where it had sunk in.  That area was bouncing back and filling in.  Week 4, I could not believe my forehead and how the deep wrinkles were softening.  The puffiness that was around my eyes had disappeared and the wrinkles were minimal.  Week 5, everything came together! My skin looks healthier, firmer, fresher and younger.  I love the compliments that I have been getting.  I would highly recommend Erica McLaughlin. Sincerely, Sarah M.    

"I joined Erica's yoga class after leaving the dance world due to injury (and age).  Her yoga class has allowed me to continue strengthening, stretching, and most importantly, to release stress from the everyday grind at work.  She breaks down all postures, from the most basic to their fullest extent, allowing a beginner to the more advanced to be comfortable in her class.  Erica's yoga class has brought balance, inspiration, and peace to my life.  I thank her each time for a rejuvenating class."
~Jennifer W.

Erica McLaughlin was my acupuncture practitioner for her clinic year at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, Florida, where she treated me with acupuncture and complementary Chinese herbal remedies. Erica’s sensitivity and focus were key in what appears to have been a great advance in my sense of well-being and practical experience of good health. She also offered what has proved to be excellent counsel, encouragement and guidance for my nutritional and psychic balance. I found that Erica has wide experience in many areas related to health, happiness and feeling well and is not only eager to share this knowledge but communicates it through her words, her daily life and in her excellent and kind dealings with everyone. I feel very fortunate to have had Erica as an acupuncture practitioner. She is unreservedly dedicated to and is a model for the Five Element tradition of her teachers. I often rely on what I remember from my conversations with her, and I look forward to visiting her clinic in Jacksonville.   Carl S. Mink, CPA Gainesville, Florida  

"I have been attending Erica's yoga class for several years now to work on some much needed flexibility for my overworked muscles. Not only have I increased my flexibility but I have learned the power of breathe and relaxation. She is always making sure our postures are correct and always gives scaling options. Her compassion for each of us is apparent. Before we get started she asks if there are any issues we are having or if we'd like to work something in particular. Many times she will give us specific stretches we can do on our own to improve a troubled area. I always leave the class feeling peaceful and rejuvenated!"- Heather B.

  As a colleague and former patient, I can say whole-heartedly that Erica is a wonderful Acupuncturist! She cares deeply and is driven to help people feel better and be healthier. As a colleague, I’ve been witness to the health improvement Erica’s patients’ experience with their treatments. As a patient, I asked Erica to start treating me because I was dealing with the “stresses of life”: a very full schedule, with many demands and deadlines, and zero time to not be at the top of my game. For me, at the time, we decided weekly treatments is what worked well. As a result, I was able sleep better, feel more energized and most importantly, avoided getting sick. I don’t know how I would have gotten through those months if it hadn’t been for the acupuncture treatments from Erica! I wish we lived closer so I could continue receiving treatment from her. Jacksonville, you are so fortunate to have Erica in your community ... she is a true gem! -jam

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