Life is Precious

What is your plan to fulfill your wildest dreams?

I imagine you are asking yourself, “What does acupuncture or yoga have to do with me fulfilling my dreams?”  Well, it has everything to do with fulfillment of my dreams! Over the past decade I have observed first hand the transformative effects of yoga and acupuncture in my own life and the life of others around me.  I have personally utilized acupuncture for headaches, backaches, when I am in an emotional slump, seasonal allergies, rash, and various other conditions.  The World Health Organization has a rather comprehensive list of conditions that acupuncture treats that you may not be aware of.    Some of the conditions listed are deeply debilitating to ones spirit and also can limit ones physical ability to get out there and live the life people desire.

As an acupuncturist and a yoga teacher, I aim to teach people valuable tools to help facilitate growth and healing.  Both modalities offer a way to promote health.  Both also require change.  Change in the status quo isn’t so easy for people.  I find that there is sometimes a disconnect in a persons health goals and their readiness to do what is necessary to achieving them.

If you consider for a moment, that you are seeking out acupuncture or yoga to help transform a condition that is chronic (i.e. weight loss, back pain, neuropathy, depression).  Then you must consider that lifestyle choices help reinforce the chronic condition.   Lifestyle changes and tools can be the reinforcement for positive change as well.  Yoga teaches us valuable tools to deal with these conditions.  Dr. Timothy McCall spells out 38 health benefits of yoga in this link from The Yoga Journal. Adding yoga into your daily routine will change your life for the better.  All it takes is 15-30 minutes minimum each day.

Neither yoga nor acupuncture provide a magic pill that erases decades of poor decisions.  However, they can and do provide amazing results given proper attention and with consistency.

The relationship of patient and practitioner (whether it be Acupuncture or Yoga Therapy) is one that develops over time.  Your one on one session with the practitioner involves a great deal of investigation into one’s life history and delves deeper than most Western Medical Modalities.  We are solving a puzzle and each session we get closer to understanding and connecting with the root cause of the condition that is creating symptoms in the body, mind, and spirit.  My teacher calls these symptoms symbols.  The symbols are messengers to us.  If you listen closely they won’t have to scream loudly.

We are offering a number of ways for you to connect to your deepest desires and fulfill your current health goals.  Tru Leverette is teaching a 5 week series on the Meaning of Yoga as well as facilitating our very first book club.  Nydia is inviting you to balance your life out with a little fun and community this coming Friday.  If you happen to need a yoga mat, bolster, block, yoga clothing, or ointment for your aches and pains we are holding a boutique sale through the end of the week.

Make it a great month!  We hope to see you soon!

With love,